Hidayah Institute will serve the educational and spiritual enrichment needs of Greater Houston Muslim community by offering the best of both revealed and acquired knowledge via all possible means of communication. The mission of this Institute is to develop and nurture profound affection in the ensuing generation with the Quran, the Sunnah, and the ways of our salaf (the pious predecessors) so that they are forever convinced with their faith and confident in their Muslim identity and become beacons of guidance and change in the society. Educational services provided by Hidayah will include, but not limited to the following:

  • A full-time Quran memorization program for boys and girls.
  • Part-time afterschool, weekend, and summer Quran Memorization programs.
  • Afterschool nazirah Quran reading with tajweed and Islamic studies program.
  • Weekend and Summer Islamic school for young children and teens.
  • Aalim studies program for both male and female students.
  • Biweekly/ monthly Friday night imaan boosting and moral uplifting educational events for youth.
  • Specific accelerated courses for all ages on: tawheed (principles of Islamic belief), tajweed (Quran recitation proficiency), tafaseer (Quranic exegesis), hadith (the sayings of Prophet Mohammad , fiqh (methods of Islamic worship), and sirah (biographies of Prophet Muhammad ), tazkiyah (purification of nafs, heart, soul, inner self).
  • Women exclusive educational programs, courses, seminars, webinars, conferences, designed specifically for women by women.
  • Online courses tailored to community needs (how to perform salah, disburse zakat, perform Hajj, writing wills, Islamic finance, etc.).

Further, Hidayah will facilitate a conducive, vibrant, diverse, and engaged environment for students to focus on their religion and learn about how to navigate the western ideals and learn about spirituality, self-esteem, self-reflection, self-evaluation, and self-responsibility. Hidayah will aim to prepare students to pursue and excel in any field of study with a strong foundation not only in the sacred knowledge but also in Islamic spiritual, moral, and social imperatives.

We at Hidayah recognize that the western framework the youth are brought up in creates a sense of alienation from Islam. Therefore, Hidayah will also provide mentorship, guidance, and support into the daily life struggles of youth via one-on-one meeting, youth only halaqas, seminars, webinars, overnight programs, retreats with special emphasis on tazkiyah (purification of heart, soul, inner self), tarbiyah (systematic character development), wasatiyyah (implementing moderation or balanced approach in all matters) as revealed by Allah and practiced by our beloved Prophet Muhammad .

We strongly believe that raising the next generation with sound education and morals is a communal responsibility of the school, students, parents, and the community. Hence, Hidayah team will make every effort that the students are provided the best of moral values, personal integrity and ethical conduct which are consistent with our Islamic teaching and preaching.

Through all of our academic programming, services and campus facilities, Hidayah will wholeheartedly strive to produce devout and sincere future leaders who will be, in-sha Allah ta’ala, lifelong learners, successful in this life and the Hereafter and positive contributors to every aspect of American society and the global community at large. Hidayah students will first learn the Deen, then live it by implementing it in their own lives and then lead others by their exemplary conduct, in-sha Allah ta’ala.